Attorney Alex R. Hess is an experienced Trial Attorney who practices the following areas of law to provide the Firm’s Clients with the best possible results:

  • Mortgage Fraud & Mortgage-Backed Securities Litigation
  • White Collar Crime & Internal Investigations
  • Business Disputes & Commercial Litigation
  • Bankruptcy & Adversary Proceedings
  • Criminal Defense
  • Appeals

Alex R. Hess Law Group

245 First Street, 18th Floor, Riverview II

Cambridge, MA 02142

Tel. (617) 444-8539

I am an experienced Trial Lawyer with significant trial and litigation experience in both the U.S. Bankruptcy, U.S. District, and State Superior & Appellate Courts. I represent businesses, high net-worth individuals and families, and corporations both in and out of Court. As a season trial attorney and bankruptcy practitioner, I handle high-profile and serious federal, internal, state and local investigations.

My experience from both sides of the courtroom aisle brings a significant layer of insight to the advice I provide clients. I have experience prosecuting embezzlement and corporate shareholder disputes as well as defending felonies, securities fraud, and homicide cases. I serve as lead counsel to businesses and individuals in federal and state court, and handle mortgage fraud disputes, adversary proceedings during contested bankruptcies, appeals, and commercial contract disputes.

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